Monday, April 14, 2008

Second Star to the Right and straight on til morning...

Space...while I truly believe it is our last frontier, it certainly isnt the nearest one. I firmly believe that the potential for sets dealing with lunar and planetary as well as deep space exploration really need to be a bit more thought out. The potential for role play is there and it should be explored with vigor. Planetary and lunar vehicles and habitats as well as construction and exploration teams and equipment. Not only historically based but imagination based as well. Concept art via Nasa and civilian and military sectors could definately find thier way into a playmobil theme. Classic space involving flight of subsonic to supersonic aircraft to ERVs along with Gemini and Apollo and Soyuz-like space craft. Then there is still the Jules Verne factor that would involve a Victorian quality to a fantasy line that children and adults could enjoy. My favorite of course, the plausible and undeniable future. Component based ships, grippers for feet as well as hands to appear to have gravity free zone. Space stations that open up and allow children to have fun in a science-based enviorens like astro-navigation, hydroponics etc.etc.

I still hope that playmobil will make some sort of shuttle or orbit capable looking ship. My other thoughts turned to rovers with big bouncy wheels and giant tuna-looking cans that allow our intrepid playmobil folk to explore strange, new worlds and stake a claim in that new frontier.

Above is pictured what I have in mind, below is a link if you want to see more. Thanks for reading.

By the by, the component space station is exactly that, multiple components to make a space station of good size, not to mention that a simple universal attatchment will allow for a variety of different looking stations, please read thru the gallery notes, you will enjoy it I promise.

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