Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daring to Dream .....again.

Space exploration has always been at the front of my mind, below are potentials that I hope to make just for the mere sake of creating them.

This is my dream of a realist playmospace shuttle and space station. Each module opens like a playset to allow for full play. There is also a ROVER that mimics Misson to Mars and concept art.

To the far left is my version of a Flash Gordon rocket.

These designs of the ARIES 1B of 2001 allow for a playset on the go. It opens at the equator to allow for seating and has pop out landing gear. I wanted the pilot's cabin to have a red hue to allow for night vision in space much like the movie.

While I am not the most prolific person at inventing toys, I do enjoy improving and improvising on what is there. It has been my most feverent hope that PLAYMOBIL employs a component based space system. Above is the more realistic spacecraft called ARIES IV from STAR TREK VOYAGER episode. It is realistic enough that it can be done, research is currently going on that shows this very applicable system to be our "wagontrain" to the stars. Like other space toys, I want hand and foot grips to show a zero G effect, I think it would be fun and educational all at once.

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